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Convertible November 19, 2005

Posted by TimTheFoolMan in Cars.

I’m four years into owning my first convertible, and the only question I have about it is… “Why did I wait until I was 40 years old to buy one?” 😀

In late 2001, I bought a brand-new Honda S2000. Slick 6-speed transmission. A clutch and transmission combo that feels as soft to the touch as a velvet Elvis poster. 240 horsepower. 0-60 in roughly six seconds. Amazingly, after almost 4 years of owning it, I have yet to get the first ticket, and haven’t had a single accident.

Today, it was 48 degrees, and my youngest son and I went to the UofL basketball game. On the way home, it was sunny (but still cold), so we put the top down, and thoroughly enjoyed the drive home.

I read somewhere that this is the car for someone who wants a motorcycle, but also requires 4 wheels and airbags. What a great description.

Waaaaaaahhhhhhhhh (the sound of the engine hitting the 9000 RPM redline)…


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