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Podcasts December 24, 2005

Posted by TimTheFoolMan in Science & Technology, Technology.

OK… I admit it. I am fairly well addicted to podcasts. It started off as just playing around, and like most addictions, it’s outta hand now. My favorite podcasts are IT Conversations, with Doug Kaye. He’s got a very easy voice to listen to, and the people he interviews are consistently interesting, even when I don’t give a hoot about the topic they’re discussing.

Likewise, Leo Laporte and Steve Gibson have put together a series of very interesting podcasts called Security Now. They’ve already gone through a bunch of very topical sessions (18 so far), and I have learned something in each one.

However, I can’t quite bring myself to stick with Adam Curry’s Podfinder podcast very long. It’s a great idea, slickly produced, and fast paced. Unfortunately, it’s uneven. I suppose there’s no way to have a whole show’s worth of good podcasts to review, but it seems that there are so many bad and boring podcasts that Podfinder reviews, it makes you think that perhaps all of them are bad.

Having a voice that people have often suggested would be good for radio (and the face for radio too), I have sometimes thought about jumping past blogging and going straight to podcasting. I’m not convinced that this makes sense though, because it seems that there’s more than just a medium that separates a good podcast from a good blog. (I’m not sure that I’m capable of producing a good blog, but I know what I enjoy reading, so I aim for that. I also know what I enjoy listening to in podcasts, but it’s a different kind of information.)

Maybe someday. Until then, Adam Curry will have to find some other self-indulgent podcasts to review.


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