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Sensitivity and the Teenage Son January 11, 2006

Posted by TimTheFoolMan in Love, Parenting/Children.

Several years ago, my youngest son came into my home-office, appearing to wipe away tears as he entered. It was late at night, and he had been watching a movie downstairs. As he entered, I asked “You OK bud?” (my stock nickname for both of my sons), “it looks like you’ve been crying. What were you watching?”


OK, this was a bit surprising. What scene from Godzilla could possibly cause my (then) 9 year-old to cry? He went on.

“I watched a scene that my buddies always fast-forwarded through. It’s where the planes shoot the monster with missles, and he collapses into the street.”

He stopped and looked afraid that I was going to laugh at what he said next.

“Dad, you could hear his heart beating as he fell down. It was beating and beating, and then you could hear it stop.”

I smiled, and held my arms out to comfort him. “Don’t ever lose that.”

“Lose what?” he asked.

“The ability to empathize with the pain someone [or some-thing] is feeling. Many people lose that ability, but it will serve you well.”

Six years later, he still hasn’t lost it.


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