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Why do you Blog? January 28, 2006

Posted by TimTheFoolMan in Blogging, Computers, Theater.

Several of my friends have asked me why I’ve started blogging, and in all honesty, the answer isn’t that simple. Tonight, I jotted down a few reasons that I blog.

Public Speaking
Years ago, my parents noted that I have a strong bent toward expressing my thoughts to others. I try to not do so intrusively, but if someone wants to know what I think, I’m eager to find ways to express my thoughts and feelings accurately. This appears in my life in many ways.

For example, in college, I realized that I had some ability to do theatrical things, and as a result, travelled with a statewide drama team aligned with the state Baptist denomination. I spent ten weeks with four other people, bringing the Gospel to church and secular audiences in a variety of contexts. I can remember ending that Summer thinking, “This is what God has been preparing me for my entire life.” That’s a great feeling.

Unfortunately, the opportunities to express yourself via theater is complicated. Rehersals, schedules, and a host of other factors make it difficult to do a lot of theater without putting forth huge effort. When I see beginning actors on-stage, I have deep respect for their love of the theatrical medium, because I know it demands a lifestyle commitment. As a result, I’ve turned to other ways to be creative.

The closest thing that I do regularly that is like theater is teaching a Senior High Bible study every Sunday morning. Teenagers are a notoriously difficult crowd to please, so if you can find a way to make Bible study interesting to them, you have done something unusual. So once a week, I engage in some creative communication. Blogging seems to generate similar emotional satisfaction for me, but on a different level.

The Write Stuff
About twelve years ago, I took a job working for a computer newsletter company. My job title was Editor-in-Chief, but the job was really about being an author and subject matter expert.

In my case, I was writing about programming and software development with specific tools. This was intellectually challenging, but I always tried to put some of my personality into an otherwise dry subject. The puns you may notice in the headings here are similar to what I would do with writing about programming topics.

Blogging is obviously writing, but it’s different than the deadline-driven writing I was doing professionally. There, the constantly looming deadline was a great motivator, but it sometimes drained you emotionally, and left you with little to say about non-technical topics. Here, the topics are wide open, and the only deadlines are those that I impose on myself.

Going further, a blog gives you an opportunity to share the breadth of who you are with an audience that can be incredibly varied. At any given moment, people may find this blog from any number of searches, from stumbling across the name on a blogroll, or from a random link from WordPress. They may be spiritual or agnostic, technical or not, emotionally driven, intellectually oriented, or exhibit any number of other personal traits you care to name.

This is my “Why,” what’s yours?
In summary, this is a tiny window into my personality. The subjects are, in my opinion, an accurate reflection of my interests. The tone is similar to talking to me in person, though with a bit more preparation and editing. The content is some of the fiber of my soul.

What’s in your blog?


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