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Putting the “Fun” in Funeral January 25, 2006

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The deaths of my parents have given my family several opportunities to demonstrate our complete lack of awareness of how to behave in public. That sentence may require a bit of explanation.

Over the years, my parents (especially mom Mom) demonstrated to us that death was a part of life, and helped us to become comfortable with this by bringing us to the funeral home when friends and family died. However, funeral homes also became the source of a good deal of “dark humor” in our family.

Found: Goodbye to Mom January 24, 2006

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June 23rd, 2000

On Thursday evening, my wife and I and our boys took Mom and Dad out to dinner to celebrate Father’s day. After we finished dinner and were ordering desert, Mom got up to go to the restroom. A few minutes passed, and about the time that I started thinking she’d been gone too long, someone from the restaurant came to the table and asked if an older lady was with our party, since there was someone who’d collapsed in the women’s restroom.

Found: Letter from June of 2000 January 24, 2006

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To the Manager and Staff:

My family and I would like to take a moment to thank you for your assistance last Thursday, June 22nd, when my mother collapsed in the bathroom of your restaurant. She didn’t have a pulse when she was discovered, and the EMTs and doctors at the hospital were unable to revive her. They pronounced Mom dead around 8:45 on Thursday evening.

Premature Publication? January 23, 2006

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Even though I’m a Southern Baptist, I’m reluctant to be critical of another faith, and it truly pains me to see the leadership of the Southern Baptist Convention frequently speaking such harsh words toward the Catholic church. I see members of the Catholic church not only as brothers and sisters in faith, but also as the legacy of the Christian church.

Memories of Mom January 21, 2006

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Every now and then, something will trigger a really strong memory of my Mom. It’s been almost 5 years, and so those moments are less frequent. Strange though, they’re not any less intense than they were just days after her death.