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Cleaning House March 26, 2006

Posted by TimTheFoolMan in Love.
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It’s amazing the things that I can get done when I’m motivated. Tonight, various things pushed me over the edge, and I went into “thermonuclear cleanup” mode. My family has a love-hate relationship with this, as it means that the cleanup will be arbitrary but ferocious. The collateral damage may include any number of “we should have kept that” items, but the positives generally outweigh the negatives.

Megacities, Intolerance, and Community March 24, 2006

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Yesterday, I listened to a podcast from PopTech 2005, where Suketu Mehta described some of the technological, social, political, and economic issues surrounding the explosive growth of “megacities” like Bombay, India. Unfortunately, the structure is kind of odd, because his presentation was really the second half of a two part session called “People, Place, and Planet. (The other presenter was Mark Lynas.)

I say it’s unfortunate because, if you haven’t listened to Mark’s presentation, the Q&A session appended to the end of Suketu’s session is really confusing. Even so, there were two moments during his presentation that grabbed my attention.

Are You Ready for Harrassment? March 22, 2006

Posted by TimTheFoolMan in Football, Humor, Music, News.

Allegations have been brought against Hank Williams Jr., suggesting that he didn’t need to have his “rowdy friends comin’ over tonight.” If the reports are true, it appears Hank Williams Jr. (that emblem of higher education and paragon high-level reasoning) is capable of enough rowdiness, all by himself.

Does this mean that Monday Night Football will replace the spectacular hits (and the accompanying “hit it… just hit it” lyrics from the song) in various NFL contests with Hank “tipping waitresses?” I think I’d rather see a gang of waitresses go cow tipping, with this cow as their target.

Hopefully, Williams’ daughters will recover from the injuries they recently sustained in a car wreck, and he can once again focus his attention on bringing some much needed “Norman Einstein” entertainment into the homes of NFL fans. In the meantime, here’s a better model for someone like Mr. Williams to use in tipping his waitress.

Cruisin’ for Abusin’ or a Real “Mission Impossible” for Tom Cruise? March 21, 2006

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I admit, I have never been much of a fan of South Park, the animated series on Comedy Central. The show is well-known for disrespecting just about anything that is respected.

Recently, the show made headlines when one of the celebrity voice-talents, Isaac Hayes (famous for singing “Shaft” back in the 70’s), quit the show in protest of its “intolerance of religions.” Given the show’s willingness to poke fun at Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddism, and so on, it should have been no surprise that Scientology (questionable as a religion) would be a target for some potshots. Regardless, Hayes decided he’d had enough, and took his highly-in-demand (cough, cough) voice talents elsewhere. “Chef” (his character), would have to go.

Things took an interesting turn when Comedy Central (owned by Viacom) suddenly altered its plans to air several shows that made more fun of Scientology, and (among other things) the sexuality of Tom Cruise, one of the more famous/infamous Scientologists. BoingBoing has gone so far as to suggest that Mr. Cruise threatened to not help promote “Mission Impossible 3” (also produced by Viacom) unless Comedy Central changed their programming plans and the show’s creator’s agreed to not discuss the issue or reasoning behind the change.

Super Hetero March 20, 2006

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As pointed out by LawGeek, Marvel & DC Comics are engaging in some interesting wordplay by enforcing a trademark abuse case against GeekPunk’s “Super Hero Happy Hour.” You can Google for more on the controversy, but the idiocy is fairly obvious.

On second thought, I am officially claiming a trademark for the term “Super Hetero.” I intend to use this trademark to clearly identify (for consumer benefit) God-fearing heterosexuals, where and when I find them. If they happen to be running for political office (regardless of any other major personality flaws, moral complications, or evidence of poor judgement), my “Super Hetero” label will allow the voting sheep of the electorate to mindlessly choose the best candidate for public office.