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Whose Children Are These? April 23, 2006

Posted by TimTheFoolMan in Family, Humor, Parenting/Children, Stupidity.

So we sit down to visit with my father-in-law on his 84th birthday, and my sons begin raiding the candy basket. My oldest is in rare form, and has everyone laughing. Unfortunately, his younger brother was in the midst of consuming a mini Reese’s cup.

Have you ever started laughing with milk in your mouth, and found it coming out of your nose? Well, my youngest son proved today that this phenomenon is possible with solid food.

During his laughter, my younger son sneezed, dislodging said peanut butter cup fragments (Reese’s sneezes?), and causing even more laughter among the rest of us. Amused at my son’s plight, I got up and grabbed a Reese’s, and proceeded to accidentally juggle it across the room as I tried to unwrap it. Sadly, it found its resting place on the bathroom floor.

My older son at this point suggests that I should have a “Reese’s on a rope,” and then observes that his brother could use the string to “clean his palate.”

These are not my children.


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