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Jackson Outrages Mimes May 6, 2006

Posted by TimTheFoolMan in Celebrities, Humor, Race and Prejudice, Stupidity, Theater.

According to a news article today, Michael Jackson is demanding that GQ magazine pull the current issue from newstands. Apparently, Jackson feels that photos of an impersonator were “spoofing” him. (The photo below is one of Jackson in a police mugshot.)
Michael Jackson, not impersonating a street mime.
In related news, street mimes across the globe (notorious for their white face makeup) are expressing outrage at Michael Jackson spoofing their appearance with his, asking that his color be restored (the photo above clearly indicates he is no longer a “person of color”), or that he be “pulled from the public eye.” Unfortunately, the mimes have not stated this verbally, but have instead acted out their outrage by pretending the be stuck inside an invisible “box of humiliation,” and pulling the invisible “rope of justice.”

The other frequently outraged Jackson could not be reached for comment.


1. hannon - September 4, 2009

i love micheal jackson so much he is the best! i want him back to life

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