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Moment of Parenting Zen May 18, 2006

Posted by TimTheFoolMan in Family, Fun, Humor, Love, Parenting/Children.

Last night, I met my sons for dinner at a Chinese buffet. (My wife was playing bunco, so this was our opportunity to eat Chinese, which she cannot stand.) It was a good, but generally nondescript meal, but the three of us laughed about any number of things as we took our time stuffing ourselves.

Afterward, they got into my oldest son’s car and I got into mine. Waiting for them to back out, I saw my oldest son in my rear-view mirror, telling some hysterical story as he backed up, complete with clown-like facial expressions and exaggerated hand motions. My younger son in the passenger seat had his head thrown back in laughter.

That image, of my sons enjoying a good laugh together, will burn in my memory for a long time.


1. Mia - May 18, 2006

Truly you are a man among men… ever blessed.

Psalm 43:3-4 (Rejoice)

Blessing you from afar,

2. timthefoolman - May 18, 2006

Rejoice is right… and again I say rejoice. 😀


3. Rose - May 18, 2006

Let’s take a moment to thank God that there are two more Tims to bless the future…..God is good! 🙂

4. timthefoolman - May 18, 2006

Thank Him? This could be a sign that He has a very, very strange sense of humor. 😉

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