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It Don’t Mean a Thing if it Ain’t Got That Bling May 28, 2006

Posted by TimTheFoolMan in Grillz, Humor, Stupidity, Ugly Cars.

I have often wondered what it is about the Chrysler 300C that appeals to the hip-hop community. In particular, the grill of the car seems hideously ugly and overwhelming. It dominates the front-end, draws unnecessary attention to itself, and obviously serves no purpose. It’s a cosmetic and cosmic joke, played upon the buying public.


Until recently, I’d never really understood its urban appeal.


I think I’ve figured it out.

Unfortunately, I’m still not hip.


1. Mia - May 30, 2006

Not hip… mmmm… you’re timeless
By the way I think you’d look great in a silver sports car… Definitely…

Waving at you from the foothills.


2. Wheelz - August 2, 2006

Agreed. One of the ugliest “pop” icons in the automotive industry. I’d take a ’06 GTO (which beats the Magnum, Charger, and Mustang, in every performance category), albeit plain looking and built in Australia, at least the GTO doesn’t look like a bar of soap with an obnoxious amount of chrome on it.

3. Ghetto - August 17, 2006

Actually you were right; you’re not hip…

and if you are calling it ‘Urban appeal’ you certainly will never understand ‘it’…

blogs are wack


4. Tim - August 17, 2006

No doubt. 😀 Thanks for hangin’ in the crib… – Tim

5. mojito - May 10, 2007

look man, I strongly disagree. I respect your opinion, but remember it is a few opinions! I have this 420 Horsepower beast and the white community and the latin community love it just as much. Plus the women think its the most viscious vehicles on the road now and a very long time. So watch out scareface. We are changing tha world today and the future!

6. mojito - May 10, 2007

plus im latin too!

7. Tim - May 10, 2007


No doubt that the world is changing, and setting the tone of the future. If you and your buds like it, then motor on… I know people that think my S2000 is “low-torque rice burner.” That’s fine with me because it suits my needs and looks good to my eye.

However, I still think it’s funny that the grill of the 300C looks like some of the hideous grillz I’ve seen in people’s mouths. 😀

Thanks for dropping by! – Tim

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