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Calculating American Stupidity June 2, 2006

Posted by TimTheFoolMan in Celebrities, Exercise, Fun, Humor, Religion, Philosophy, and Science, Stupidity.

There are any number of metrics that people regularly apply to guage IQ. In the United States, this is sometimes hotly debated, but frequently demonstrated.


As Menken observed, it is hard to lose money underestimating the intelligence of the middle class. Accordingly, there are times that the stupidity of the American people can be easily measured. Today appears to be one of those times.

My Nominee for the President’s Council on Physical Fitness
This graphic, a snapshot of the results of an MSNBC poll asking if we believe that Pat Robertson really leg pressed 2000 lbs, speaks for itself. For 95% of us, the jury is still out, but almost 5% of us have clearly responded.


As Bill Engvall would say, “For you in the 4.6%, here’s your sign.”


1. Tony - October 20, 2009

The stupidity of the American people will be the down fall of our great country, that my Father in WWII fought for and my siblings fought for. The dumbing down of America is its down fall. It is the natural progression of all great societies. There is no changing it, there is nothing you can do. It is inevitable. The more we try and do to make things better the more we make things worse. It is better to leave things as they are and follow history but too many Politicians have no idea about history and they no not what they do other than doing what the bumbed down people want, the longer things are going good the dumber they get thus the dumber the solutions are thus the worse the solutions become.

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