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That Idiot Steve Jobs… June 13, 2006

Posted by TimTheFoolMan in Humor, Music, Stupidity, Technology.

At the time of the intro of iTMS/iTunes/iPod, Steve Jobs apparently felt that the only way to get backing of the major record labels would be to support some kind of DRM. What an idiot! Those of us with far higher intelligence have seen the light, and are now doing something about it!

DBD Image

Opportunity Lost
No doubt, Jobs’ looks back at the history of the iTunes Music Store (iTMS), and regrets his foolish decision. He should have stuck with “Rip, Mix, Burn” as a business philosophy too instead of compromising with the evil hucksters. Then he would have enjoyed the same stunning success during this period that a truly successful online music store could have.

Wise Up
We, the geniuses of the Internet, need to flashmob all the Apple stores again and again so Jobs’ will see the wisdom of urinating in the face of the record companies instead of finding some kind of business compromise. (99 cents? That’s too stinkin’ high! Bargain those boys down to 25 cents, or a nickle, or… better yet, FREE!) Once he wises up, Jobs’ can start trimming down the iTMS content to non-DRM indie music only. That’ll teach those RIAA fatcats a lesson.

Clearly, those of us in the yellow suits know something that those iPod-toting dolts and Apple fanboys don’t know. After that, we can go after Pixar, and see if we can’t fix that stumbling operation. Those guys are so lame!


1. Pierre Lourens - June 13, 2006

I suppose that Steve Jobs, the dictator of Apple in your eyes, is the King of DRM, making it reign over his kingdom?

Am I correct?

What about Sony’s rootkits, Microsoft’s Play4Sure, and others? Everyone does DRM, it’s better to get angry at the principle of DRM instead of one person, one company, one store, etc.

Nevertheless, you are on my blogroll. Everyone has their opinion.

2. Tim - June 13, 2006

Pierre, I’m sorry if I made it obtuse. I think the Defective By Design movement is targeting the wrong audience, and this was my (failed) attempt at sarcasm. – Tim

3. Pierre Lourens - June 13, 2006

Whoops. Don’t I feel like an idiot :-D.

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