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In Favor of Capitol Punishment June 8, 2006

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With all the primary elections going on around the country, there’s renewed talk about whether the Republicans will maintain their control over Congress, or if the Democrats will make inroads (or more). Regardless of your political ideology, this is an interesting question.
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Conflicts (that are) of Interest June 7, 2006

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In my recent post about removing emotion from discipline, both in the home and at the workplace, several people have commented that there is value in expressing hurt feelings and disappointment. To quote:

…its more valuable for them to know that after a fight things go back to normal, and it’s all forgotten

When it comes to kids seeing their parents dealing with disputes and conflict (“a fight”) I agree 100%. However, discipline is a different story.
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Discipline Without Anger June 3, 2006

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A well-known basketball coach once said: “Discipline isn’t something you do to someone, it’s something you do for someone.”
If you’re a parent, when the time comes to discipline your son or daughter, do you do something to your child, or for them? Likewise, what of the manager who needs to discipline an employee? (more…)

Calculating American Stupidity June 2, 2006

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There are any number of metrics that people regularly apply to guage IQ. In the United States, this is sometimes hotly debated, but frequently demonstrated.


As Menken observed, it is hard to lose money underestimating the intelligence of the middle class. Accordingly, there are times that the stupidity of the American people can be easily measured. Today appears to be one of those times. (more…)

The Perks of Being Last June 1, 2006

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As my oldest son prepares for college, my youngest son is anticipating becoming an only child for a few years. As I pondered this, an odd truth occurred to me.
last place
The oldest child gets to be an only child at the beginning of his/her life. The youngest gets to be an only child near the end of their childhood. (more…)