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How Much Is Cleanliness Worth? July 3, 2006

Posted by TimTheFoolMan in Fun, Humor.

I realize that when you’re travelling late at night, you can’t be as choosy about your hotel. Even so, some situations simply defy explanation. This is the soap we found in our hotel as it came out of the package:


Had we read the sign in the lobby carefully, we might have understood.


Look carefully at the bottom of the sign. The soap is FREE! This causes me to wonder: How much do they charge at the higher class hotels down the street?


1. leisureguy - July 16, 2006

I recall a Booth cartoon in which the wife is saying to the husband as they take stuff from the car into the house, “On our next vacation, let’s stay at motels that say ‘Color TV’ instead of those that say ‘Fireproof.'” 🙂

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