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Pacifism vs Violence, FPS, and World Peace July 17, 2006

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Recently, I have debated the relative merits of gun ownership, first person shooters, and the ethics of pacifism with a couple of close friends. In both cases, they were surprised to discover that I was a gun-owner, given that I have every indication of being a non-violent man.


The truth is, I am non-violent in nature. However, I see the goal of world peace and the realities of pacifism in a different light from my friends. (more…)

Why Are Sports Important? July 15, 2006

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I have an ecclectic collection of friends. Some of them are “into” sports, but many are not. Invariably, the friends who are not involved in sports (either themselves or by way of their children) are baffled by my love and passion for most any type of sport.


“Why Do You Coach?” July 13, 2006

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Last week, a close friend of mine asked me, “Tim, why do you coach? Why do you love doing that so much?” The question stopped me dead in my tracks.
What is it about the prospect of teaching a sport to others, in my case boys ranging from 6 to 13 years old, and working with them for an entire season? What would possess someone to expend this kind of energy? Maybe this will help explain it.

The Letter (Verbatim)

Dear Coach,

Brotherhood in the Back Seat July 4, 2006

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One of the difficult things about going on a “family vacation” is just that–you have to put up with your family for the entire time. When you have multiple children, this can be especially taxing. Depending on the ages and personalities of the children, it can be extended playtime, or World War III.
boxing (more…)

How Much Is Cleanliness Worth? July 3, 2006

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I realize that when you’re travelling late at night, you can’t be as choosy about your hotel. Even so, some situations simply defy explanation. This is the soap we found in our hotel as it came out of the package:


Had we read the sign in the lobby carefully, we might have understood. (more…)