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Ford GT… Oooooh Baby! August 2, 2006

Posted by TimTheFoolMan in Cars, Family, Fun, Parenting/Children, Religion.

On Sunday, my youngest son and I went out shopping prior to him being in football camp this week. Pulling into the parking lot, he elbowed me and said “Dad, look!”


There, right in front of us, was a Ford GT. This car exudes so much… well… sensuality in sheetmetal, that I told my son “We need to go directly to church and confess our thoughts.”

“But Dad,” he protested, “we’re not Catholic.”

“Son,” I replied, “the thoughts this car is inspiring in me require immediate confession, regardless of theology.”

At the risk of pulling others into my own lustful thoughts, here’s a bit more detail:



Note: In case you can’t read the custom lettering on the rear bumper, this car’s decals promote not smoking, and the bumper reads “Smoking Kills.” I’m not a smoker (anymore), but I would love to sit in this and “light it up.”


1. ME - August 3, 2006

Coming in with a testosterone meter..I say its pretty high.LOL
But I am interested..did you touch it?

2. Tim - August 3, 2006

What, and never be able to wash that hand again? – Tim

3. ME - August 3, 2006

I can honestly say I had never seen a Ford GT before now. It does not have the same affect on me as far as needing to “confess” or not being able to wash my hand lol, but I think it would be cool to drive and feel how fast it can go. Thankyou for posting the pic . – ME

4. Lady Ingenious! - August 4, 2006


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