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Why Are You Baptist? August 17, 2006

Posted by TimTheFoolMan in Humor, Parenting/Children, Religion, Stupidity.

This morning, I was briefly pondering the question of “Why I am a Southern Baptist,” and the heritage I cannot escape (even if I wanted to). This pondering reminded me of an old joke.


A Southern Baptist was going door-to-door, doing a survey of church-going habits in a neighborhood. He came upon an older man in his yard, introduced himself, and briefly described what he was up to.

The old man responded, “Son, I have no time for you Baptists. I’ve been a Methodist all my life. My parents were Methodists, my grandparents were methodists, and even my great grandparents were Methodists. You’re wasting your time on me sonny.”

Indignant, the Baptist said, “Really. So what if your parents, grandparents, and great grandparents had been morons… what would you have been then?”

The older man smiled and said, “Southern Baptist I suppose.”


1. z - August 17, 2006


2. ME - August 19, 2006

I didnt know Southern Babtists went door to door, usually I see them running to their cars after church to be the first one at their favorite restuarant.

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