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He’s off to school… August 21, 2006

Posted by TimTheFoolMan in Family, Parenting/Children.

…and this morning, as I looked at the Senior picture beside my bed, I realized the hardest part.

Not seeing him every day.

He’s a morning person, so even when it wasn’t a school day, he was up by 7:00am. (That made him mad, because even when he could sleep late, he didn’t.) So invariably, by this time of the morning, SportsCenter would already be on, and he’d be sitting in the living room, eating cereal, ready to start the day.

This business of your kids growing up and going off to school… really sucks.


1. Marie Rains - August 24, 2006

I can only imagine what this is like!

Remember for me please when I have to go through it in a few years…

2. Grace, T - August 25, 2006

how old is yours? Mine is going into his senior year Sept. 5th


3. Tim - August 25, 2006

My oldest is a freshman in college, and my youngest is a sophmore in HS. Ughhhhhh…

Marie, Tom passed on the following words of advice: Don’t blink.


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