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The rumours of my death… October 28, 2006

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…are slightly exaggerated.

Thank you for the e-mails asking why I haven’t posted. This past week was extremely busy and stressful, including a couple of consecutive days where I worked 23 hours and 20 hours, without so much as leaving the office.

I am WAAAAAYYY too old for that… uhm… stuff. 😀

Dear Deer… October 7, 2006

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Another news item (that, or I just don’t want to get started cleaning the kitchen): (more…)

Misreading the News: Rice Negotiations? October 7, 2006

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Two news stories were side-by-side this morning in my RSS inbox. The first looked at the looming nuclear crisis with Iran: (more…)

Books, Books, and More Books October 2, 2006

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Tiffany tagged me, so I am therefore obligated by blogging tradition to answer the same list of questions. The theme here, as the title suggests, is books.

Time Enough at Last

Before I dive into the list and my answers, I should point out that I used to read far more books than I currently do. This is in part a result of the Internet, and its vast array of possibilities for reading. (Unfortunately, most of the fiction on the Internet is material that is presented as non-fiction.) I love books. Hopefully, that love will be obvious in this list. (more…)

Pink for October October 1, 2006

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In case you’re wondering why things are a bit… well… pink, go here, or here.


I only know a few people who have been victims of breast cancer, but those few are too many.