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Exposed, Disposed, Deposed, Despots December 31, 2006

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Recently, Tiffany blogged about the hanging of Saddam Hussein, the culpability of the United States (and specifically, President Bush) for “war crimes.” While I am no fan of our current foreign policy (or lack thereof), and struggle greatly with the actions of my country in Iraq, I’ve been more inclined to look at the developing situation and ask “What do we do now?”


The hanging of Saddam brings new questions and new concerns, and clearly will not magically bring an end to violence in Iraq. What it does do, is bring closure to the reign of a tyrant. (more…)

Crashing Waves and Warm Banana Bread December 28, 2006

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On the road to Hana, my family stopped at a little stand selling banana bread near Kaenae Peninsula. Below is the view from the shore, across the street from the stand.

waves at Kaenae

Sorry for the camera shake. I was munching warm banana bread with the other hand. 😀

Searching for History in Maui December 27, 2006

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While vacationing in Maui, I saw many places of deep cultural significance to Hawaiians. However, some things, we never found.

burial airport (more…)

The Face of Terror December 26, 2006

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I know my limits.

No, really. I do. I know that there are things I can do pretty well, such as public speaking, writing, and (in spite of appearances to the contrary) car repair.


In sharp contrast are things that I do not do well, but enjoy attempting to do (in the right context). This includes things like swimming, climbing, and playing golf. Recently, my family vacationed in Maui, where (coincidentally) some of the most common activities are…

…swimming, climbing, and playing golf. As with most disasters, this one began innocently enough. (more…)

Six Feet Under December 25, 2006

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This is one of my favorite pictures, and the inspiration hit me on a complete whim. The three of us had been playing football on the beach, and I realized that (with my oldest in college) we might not get a chance to dip all 30 of our toes in the Pacific Ocean again soon.

6 Feet

The Pacific Ocean has had all of our feet dipped in its surf, but I doubt that it has changed as a result. Fortunately, the same can’t be said about the three of us.