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When I Think About You… December 15, 2006

Posted by TimTheFoolMan in Elves, Fun, Humor, Stupidity.

…I touch my elf. Maybe you should too (the picture is a clickable link).


My inner elf. The above is an elf-portrait.

I’m elf-consious, but I’m also an elf-starter and elf-sufficient. I’m not elf-employed, but I do engage in elf-realization from time to time. My friends say this is just an elf-defense mechanism.

I am not elf-reliant, but do not belong to any elf-help groups. I am thinking about taking an elf-study course, but it seems rather elf-indulgent.

On the plus side, the animation has been good for my elf-esteem and elf-confidence. I do worry about being elf-absorbed, as long as it doesn’t interfere with my elf-expression.

Is this just elf-aggrandizement, elf-service, or shameless elf-promotion?


1. Mia - December 16, 2006

Mmmm… I’m thinkin it’s elf-esteem ;O)
It fits perfectly!

2. shelbycockrell - December 16, 2006

Your post was hilarious. Your inner elf is pretty cute, too. And hey, thanks for reading.

3. Eric - December 17, 2006

Tim, I am amazed. I can definitely see your inner-elf coming out. Maybe next Christmas we need to get you into some tights!

4. Lady Ingenious! - December 22, 2006

Hi Tim! Love you elf! I have been trying to figure out this RSS stuff..i was hoping to add your blog here to my 360 feed! I`ll figure it out sooner or later..
I wish you a totally awesome christmas!

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