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Christmas – 2006 December 25, 2006

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Fatigue has almost passed, and within another day or so I should be back to the same time zone. Why am I stuck in another time zone? One word: Maui.

Maui Sunset

I’ll post more pictures soon, along with some of the stories of the trip. Both of my sons were in rare form, so much so that there were several times that my face hurt from laughing so much.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all… GOOD NIGHT!

When I Think About You… December 15, 2006

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…I touch my elf. Maybe you should too (the picture is a clickable link).


My inner elf. The above is an elf-portrait.

I’m elf-consious, but I’m also an elf-starter and elf-sufficient. I’m not elf-employed, but I do engage in elf-realization from time to time. My friends say this is just an elf-defense mechanism.

I am not elf-reliant, but do not belong to any elf-help groups. I am thinking about taking an elf-study course, but it seems rather elf-indulgent.

On the plus side, the animation has been good for my elf-esteem and elf-confidence. I do worry about being elf-absorbed, as long as it doesn’t interfere with my elf-expression.

Is this just elf-aggrandizement, elf-service, or shameless elf-promotion?

Joke Science December 13, 2006

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Yesterday, I was listening to an interview with Jerry Seinfeld, where he describes the process of telling a joke to an audience as the comedian getting the audience to “jump across a canyon.” He stops short of taking the analogy (at least during the interview) to its logical conclusion, but I think I can fill in the blanks.

Jumping Canyons

Fortunately, successfully telling a joke is somewhat easier than jumping Snake River Canyon in a jet-cycle. Well, usually. (more…)

Once in a Lifetime… December 13, 2006

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…the best is yet to come

Moral Relativism, Absolute Truth, and Pi December 11, 2006

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It’s been a long time coming, and I suppose I should have stated this clearly earlier. I have a confession to make. I don’t know the exact value of Pi.


Oh, sure. I know an “approximate” value: 3.1415926535. I know that from memory. But I have to confess that I don’t know the exact value. (more…)