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Rosie’s Chinese, Mohamed Cartoons, and the Death of “Kramer” January 5, 2007

Posted by TimTheFoolMan in Cartoons/Animation/Video, Humor, Michael Richards, Race and Prejudice, Rosie O'Donnell, Stupidity.

Recently, Rosie O’Donnell demonstrated some fluent bigot-speak, while describing how news items about celebrities spread across the globe. Here is one of the funnier responses I’ve seen:

Interestingly, I haven’t heard the same outcry of support for Rosie’s less-than-sensitive remarks that I heard for the infamous “Mohamed Cartoons.” Why not? Why is it OK for cartoonists to paint Islam with the broad “terrorist brush,” but Rosie isn’t allowed to ridicule the Chinese the same way?

Is it because it’s more popular to bash Muslims? Is it because it’s so easy to dislike Rosie O’Donnell? Is it a subtle form of gay bashing to go after Rosie when she makes such an obvious faux pas?

How is all of this different from Michael Richards’ racist tirade?

Most people have presumed that, apology notwithstanding, Michael Richards’ career in show business is over. So why does Rosie’s continue? Is it because she stopped short of finding a sufficiently derogatory word to describe Chinese people, or because she never alluded to history the way Richards did?

Note: I spoke out loudly against people republishing the Mohamed Cartoons. You’ll note that my presentation of these videos is because they illustrate the bigotry, and don’t glamorize it.


1. Mia - January 6, 2007

Richards had a nervous breakdown. That in of itself is a career ender, especially if it happens in a public forum. O’Donnell has used two very obvious things about herself to appeal, lock in, and now abuse the paid attention she derives from the public.

Perhaps we should question why we as a society have helped to continuely lower the standards of what we support with our time, money, and influence.

2. willyjsimmons - January 8, 2007

Joke? M,kay.

3. Tim - January 8, 2007


Interesting perspective. To me it’s interesting that Richards’ rant and Rosie’s don’t get the same treatment, regardless of the root cause.


Well, I thought the first video was funny, but Rosie’s remarks as stupid. As a whole, it was supposed to be insightful (since I see both Rosie’s and Richards’ actions as beyond an apology), but it appears that I may have missed that mark too. 😀 – Tim

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