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If You Don’t Know Who Arland D. Williams is… October 28, 2007

Posted by TimTheFoolMan in death, Heroism, Love.

…you should. Men’s Health devoted a large article to his act of heroism and the mystery of one who gives himself for complete strangers. Wikipedia has a good summary too.


1. Mia - October 29, 2007

I was most taken by this sentence…

but he could hand life over to a stranger

His heroism is seen as him having given up his life in order for others to be saved. I wonder what kind of transformation the surviors experienced in their lives as a result of this experience and if they went on to embrace the full capacity of living life as the gift that it truly is.

As a man what part of you was moved through this article and on what level do you believe it will continue to impact your life?

2. Tim - October 29, 2007

It reminded me of “Saving Private Ryan” in many ways, and the humble response of the old man who wondered if he had lived his life in a way that honored the sacrifice of so many. As a man, and more particularly as a father and a son, I’m reminded of the sacrifices that my father made, and wonder if I have done justice to those sacrifices with the way I’ve lived in front of my sons.

It was, and is, a very humbling story to consider. – Tim

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