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The “Idol” Leading the Idle? January 17, 2008

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Earlier today, I was reading Ars Technica, and saw the following headline:

Bringing American Idol to the visually impaired

To be fair, the article is actually about technology for helping people with macular degeneration (a significant form of vision loss, particularly among the elderly) by adjusting the contrast of a television image. There is only the most passing reference to “American Idol,” the thankfully-maligned TV show. Even so, my reaction to the headline was:

Why should the visually impaired have to suffer too?

Three (Subtle) Ways to Help an Aspiring College Athlete January 14, 2008

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The College Football season has officially ended, which means that next season has already begun. As the father of two sons who played high school football, as a former youth football coach, and as the husband of a woman who said (after celebrating our 20th anniversary by going to see her favorite team play in Detroit), “this was so much better than a cruise,” I’m always looking forward to Spring Football, and the hope of the next season.


With one son out of high school and mid-way through his sophomore year of college, and the other starting to receive calls from various colleges (with both academic and athletic questions), I’ve been thinking quite a bit about how I’ve prepared my sons for the end of high school, and the strong possibility that this ends their formal athletic careers. In watching my own sons, as well as the sons and daughters of various college athletes, it occurred to me that I’ve done three very specific things in response to my sons expressing a desire to play college sports, and I think all parents of aspiring college athletes should consider them. (more…)

To My Son: Happy Birthday January 8, 2008

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Today is yours and Elvis’ birthday. Time to break out the peanut butter and ‘nanner sandwiches. (Or maybe the peanut butter and ‘nanner Reese’s.)

pb and nanner

Today, you’re seventeen years old. I know you’ve noticed the dramatic difference that seems to exist between being sixteen and seventeen, based on your comment the other day of “Wow… I’m old.” We laughed about that when you said it, but it’s true. What a huge difference one year makes… (more…)

Funny, Carefree, and Workaholic January 3, 2008

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Teenagers are an interesting breed. They are old enough to see into the motivations and biases of adults, but haven’t yet learned to mind their own business.

Yesterday, my wife asked my soon-to-be-seventeen year-old son for three words that describe me, and the title of this article was his response. I’m not much for New Year’s Resolutions, but hearing this from him has me resolving to change.


If there’s any way for me to do so, I want him to see something other than a “workaholic” by this point in his senior year of high school. I just hope it’s not too late.

PPC-6700: Waiting for it to Die January 2, 2008

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Some time ago, I wrote up a feature comparison between the PPC-6700 (I have the version from Sprint) and the iPhone. Here, I will try to avoid making iPhone comparisons, largely because I’m highly unlikely to become an iPhone user until that phone is available on the Sprint network.


Instead, I’m going to give you an idea of why I’m learning to hate this phone. (Note: All of the colorful language that so frequently comes to mind when using this phone has been carefully edited out. This is a family show.) (more…)