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Found: Parenting Memory February 29, 2008

Posted by TimTheFoolMan in Parenting/Children.
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I found a pair of these the other day (the pic below is from another site, linked to by the pic):

hulk hands

These are “Hulk Hands,” padded foam fists that you put your own hand inside, and then hit things with them. I found these the other day, and found myself remembering how much fun my oldest son and I had beating each other up with them. On the day we bought them (he was in his early teens), he showed them to me and said, “Look, it doesn’t hurt when you hit someone with them.”

I put one on, and then immediately punched him in the face with it.

“You’re right,” I said (as he stood there a bit stunned by the sudden assault), “we have to talk Mom into getting a couple pair of these.” It’s behavior like this that I suspect is responsible for my wife complaining that there are three teenage boys in the house, and not just two.


1. sillylauralonglegs - March 1, 2008

Tim ~

I’ve looked for these before and couldn’t find them. Where does one buy these cool behavior-modification tools? My daughter would *love* to box with me!

2. Laura - March 8, 2008

I found a pair on e-bay and am anxiously awaiting its arrival at my doorstep. Of course, that means only one of us–probably my daughter–will have a pair. That doesn’t seem quite fair… and Yikes! I hope they truly don’t hurt to be struck with. You know, I’m thinking they may come in handy for my daughter’s anger management: Perhaps when she’s about ready to lose it, she can pound on her door or the floor or her bed to release all that pre-teen tension!

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