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My First Earthquake April 18, 2008

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Given the number of times I’ve been to California, you would think that my first earthquake experience would have been there. It wasn’t. My first was lying in bed, right here in Kentucky.

Earthquake Movie Poster

Thankfully, it doesn’t seem that it was a movie-worthy event. (more…)

The Continuing Sprint PPC-6700 Tax April 17, 2008

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I promise to you, dear reader, to stop posting blog entries complaining about my crappy, less-than-desirable phone, the now infamous PPC-6700, manufactured by Audiovox, and sold through Sprint. I promise to do this soon.

No More Crappy Phones

Real soon now.

I promise.

Really. (more…)

Me in Six, or Unclear in any Gear April 15, 2008

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Tiffany tagged me with this, and I found it somewhat intriguing. The challenge is to write your own memoir in six words.

Me in Six

This is difficult for me, since I can’t decide if I should write the memoir that represents what I really am, or how I would like to be remembered. I’ve been thinking about this for several days now, and I still can’t fully make up my mind. (more…)

Twenty Years Ago April 14, 2008

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Twenty years ago, at this moment, my wife and I were wondering if sleep would ever come on this night. It had been an eventful day, a crazy evening, and every indication was that we were looking forward to a night that might not yield any sleep at all.

Twenty years ago, we were awaiting the birth of our first son. No other single event in my life has changed me the way becoming a father changed me, and for that, I am unbelievably grateful. I’m grateful for the things I’ve experienced, and grateful for who I’ve become as a result of becoming a dad.

Proof can be found here.

Viewing Thunder April 11, 2008

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I’m currently having about four discussions with friends about where to go to watch Thunder Over Louisville. Thinking that this may be a common question, here’s “The Fool Plan.”

Where to watch Thunder Over Louisville

Clicking on the link above will take you to Google Maps, and will display a zoomed-in version of where my family usually watches the fireworks. Parking is a completely different story, but can’t be generalized because it depends so much on where you’re headed after the show.

If you’re there Saturday, and see someone who looks suspiciously like me (accompanied by some women and a couple of large young men–my nephews), say “Hey.”