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To My Son: Prior to Graduation May 14, 2008

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One of the interesting things I’ve noticed over the past couple of years is the number of people who come across my blog after searching for something like “words to son for graduation.” A few years ago, I published something I wrote for my son, “To My Son (at Graduation),” and this seems to be a common introduction to my blog for many readers.


My oldest just finished his sophomore year of college, so it’s a bit early to be writing to him in anticipation of his collegiate graduation. My younger son is about to finish his junior year of high school, so it might seem a bit early for that too. Instead, I want to share something that I have already shared with both of my sons, and it’s something I wish someone had shared with me, long before graduation day. It’s called “What You’ll Wish You’d Known,” by Paul Graham. Enjoy.

A Sign You’re Not Awake May 12, 2008

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Here’s a sign that you’re not awake enough to get behind the wheel of a car and drive (in spite of the fact that I had already brushed my teeth, let the dog out, and put my laptop in the trunk):


Fortunately, I noticed that this shirt normally has a pocket on the other side.

Not-So-Great Moments in Social Networking May 9, 2008

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So today, I get an update from Classmates.com, telling me about new profile pictures that various people from my high school have posted. However, when I log on, I’m greeted with this:

classmates.com comedy

Just to clear things up, I am not presently a Mom, nor do I plan on ever becoming one. It does make me wonder… how difficult is it to use the gender variable in a social networking site. For some time, I’ve wondered how a site like Classmates.com can continue to exist, and the answer seems to be, “until the people who use it figure out that you can do everything that you can do there, and more, on Facebook.”

At least Facebook seems to have figured out that I’m not a potential Mom.

The Joy of SP3 May 9, 2008

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Last night, I decided to bring a PC online that had been an offline gaming system for a year or so. Naturally, I was quite excited to see XP SP3 available from Windows Update.

Much to my dismay, upon restarting, my machine went into continuous reboots. So I rolled back using System Restore.

Much to my surprise and pleasure, I noted that Microsoft had, apparently in response to several issues, like continuous rebooting, revised SP3.

Ah-HA! Victory is mine! I excitedly went back, redownloaded and reinstalled SP3.

And now?

Continuous rebooting. Again.

My Latest Experiment: Recording Bible Passages May 7, 2008

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As part of some work I’m doing with my church, I’ve been recording audio of the relevant passages in the Bible for a given Sunday. Here are the three chapters that we’re using in April/May:

Matthew 5

Matthew 6

Matthew 7

Feedback is always welcome.

[Ed Note] In one of the auto-generated links below, “The BIBLE has a VOICE,” you’ll find links to “The Bible Experience,” which is a full dramatization of the Old and New Testaments. Clearly, as one guy sitting in a recording room, operating the recorder myself, I’m not trying to reproduce this. I wouldn’t begin to try. If you’re looking for an intensely dramatic reading, where the reader tries to take on the “voice” of the Biblical characters, then I recommend The Bible Experience. It sounds awesome. Here, I’m doing my best to “disappear,” and let the words themselves take on the drama. – Tim