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To My Son: Prior to Graduation May 14, 2008

Posted by TimTheFoolMan in Blogging.

One of the interesting things I’ve noticed over the past couple of years is the number of people who come across my blog after searching for something like “words to son for graduation.” A few years ago, I published something I wrote for my son, “To My Son (at Graduation),” and this seems to be a common introduction to my blog for many readers.


My oldest just finished his sophomore year of college, so it’s a bit early to be writing to him in anticipation of his collegiate graduation. My younger son is about to finish his junior year of high school, so it might seem a bit early for that too. Instead, I want to share something that I have already shared with both of my sons, and it’s something I wish someone had shared with me, long before graduation day. It’s called “What You’ll Wish You’d Known,” by Paul Graham. Enjoy.


1. Allison - May 21, 2008

That was a neat article– thanks for posting the link.

2. Tim - May 21, 2008


That essay rings true on so many levels, particularly in his assessment of envisioning your work as a journey to answer interesting questions. Why can’t we do this… or this… or that? Why does such and such have to be the way things are? Is there more to know about this?

I had an extended conversation with my youngest the other night, and we considered some questions that he finds interesting. Some of them won’t be nearly as interesting as he thinks they’ll be, but it should be a fun journey to watch him take. – Tim

3. Simonne - June 3, 2008

Just found you from a great comment you left at the Eclectic Garden. I love what you wrote for your son, it’s just beautiful, Clearly you need to take some of the credit for his amazingness!
(Size 17 feet?! Really? Wow, that’s cool!)

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