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Digging Through the Mud September 13, 2008

Posted by TimTheFoolMan in Politics.
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For anyone interested in figuring out what facts really are behind the various ads and speeches, check out the Annenberg Political Fact Check.  It’s a non-partisan publication funded through a foundation, with the intent of performing research and analysis on the various claims of political candidates.

Then again, if you’d prefer to continue believing everything your preferred candidate or party says, just keep reading the partisan stuff from each side. It makes it so much easier to believe falsehoods about the “other” candidate and ignore the truths about your own.

As for me, it’s not caused me to suddenly like one side more than the other, but it’s helped me sort through some of the misinformation about Governor Palin and Senator Obama. (Senator McCain and Senator Biden are more well-known, so it’s easier for me to spot blatant falsehoods.) Where I sit now is a position of having less respect for both candidates, and for their campaigns.

It should be an interesting November.


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