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Into the Ether: Early Morning Christmas Daydreams December 25, 2008

Posted by TimTheFoolMan in Christmas.
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The house is quiet, save the heater clicking on and off, and the mysterious clicking that the ductwork makes as it heats up and cools down. The dog is back in the house now (still alive, which I might add is remarkable, give the hour of the day he chose to wake me), he’s been fed, and the chill of stepping outside to hook (and subsequently unhook) him to his chain has finally passed. (more…)

Online Security and Safety December 17, 2008

Posted by TimTheFoolMan in Security.
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Instead of just telling everyone the same thing over and over, I’ve tried to codify my recent advice about keeping your system safe and secure online into one document. I’ll be moving this to my “Protecting PCs” page soon.

Please note that this advice is primarily intended for home users. Much of this applies to businesses, but there are some additional things a business should do that aren’t feasible for the home user. (more…)