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Time February 15, 2012

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Time is a funny thing.

No, I don’t mean “time is hilarious.” Time is… peculiar.

This morning, as I was getting dressed, I looked at my forearm as it emerged from my sleeve and thought, “That looks like the forearm of an old man.” At 50, I suppose it shouldn’t surprise me to have revelations like this, but it honestly surprised me. I stared at my arm blankly for a minute, thinking of the inevitability of the aging process, and the peculiar manifestation of it in the texture of that region of skin. (more…)

Notting Hill – “Ain’t No Sunshine” February 12, 2012

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People who know me only casually might be surprised to learn this, but one of my favorite movies is “Notting Hill,” with Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts. There are many reasons for me loving this film so much, but ultimately, it comes down to several amazingly well-designed scenes, showing emotion. The essence of good cinema isn’t dialog. Dialog is the text–the words spoken that represent what characters want others to hear and believe they think and feel. What isn’t heard, but is felt, is the subtext. Subtext is what the character really believes, and is revealed by what the character does. The best scenes, for me, are those that turn the knobs of stress and pain up to the breaking point for a character, where they force him or her to act, and in doing so, reveal their true beliefs. “Notting Hill” is filled with scenes like this, and in each case, the cinematography is amazing. (more…)