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Walking April 23, 2018

Posted by TimTheFoolMan in Blogging, Friends, Love, Poetry.

I walked without you tonight
Along the paths and sidewalks
Around the school
Near the football field
Visiting the places you loved to see

I walked without you tonight
Missing our chats and smalltalk
I spoke for you
As I always did
Though tonight you weren’t there with me

I walked without you tonight
Past feral cats and startled raccoon
Without you near
Close by my side
In shadow of bush and budding tree

I walked without you tonight
Quiet and calm and a lazy moon
Walking companions
Companions no more
Safe voyage crossing the midnight sea


1. Bg - September 26, 2022

What a nice story about your best friend. I love and adore my family, but the unspoken, appreciative, non judgmental love of my dogs are very special to me and gets me through tough times without saying a word. Great ode.❤️

TimTheFoolMan - September 26, 2022

Thank you.

Yes. The lack of judgement from dogs (and sometimes from a cat) makes me anxious to not just see them when I get home, but to take them with me whenever I can. – Tim

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