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About Me

The original page was much to long to read. I’ve broken it up by sections:

Hopefully, this will make it easier to read.


1. foolswisdom - November 28, 2006

Hey Tim,

We may be fools of the same coin 😉


2. Galvanized - September 19, 2007

Hey, Tim — I really appreciated your insightful comments on my post yesterday, so I’ve put them in a new post. Feel free to check it out!


Thanks for visiting 🙂

Melanie @ Galvanized

3. Tim - September 20, 2007

Lloyd, I think you’re right. 😀

Hey, Melanie! Wow… I’m not sure I know what to say, but thank you. It’s definitely an interesting topic, and something that (having 16 and 19 year-old sons) I’ve had to think about over the years.- Tim

4. Doug Beran - October 12, 2007

When Ed Hochuli throws a flag NORAD goes on alert.

5. Oscarandre - December 23, 2007

Just to say have a happy Christmas, Tim – and I know you’ll have it for all the right reasons.

6. jenefur - March 15, 2008

Just found your site while reading some of my favorite blogs (from Pammy Girl’s site). Loved your About Me sections. 🙂

7. sandy - July 7, 2008

Found your blog as a result of a web search. Amazing to read the various similarities. Faith, S-2000, two kids, age of kids, great marriage, death of parent(s), Starbucks–and all of that in a 10 min. zip through your blog. Just a quick comment on whether the dead in Christ can see us. I believe it and don’t think it hurts them. More than ever, they know why we hurt here, but they have the big picture now and can understand the suffering. They are part of the great cloud of witnesses who cheer us on to run the race. This Sunday my husband will speak to a large gathering of youth on the topic of Heaven. We’ve come to know this subject intimately. Here is where our path and your path diverge. You will understand more if you visit http://jacobnyenhuis.memory-of.com. Blessings to you and your family.

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