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I’m a middle-aged (born in 1961) white guy, unashamed of my race, and unwilling to apologize for the stupidy of my ancestors. They did what probably seemed best at the time, and it’s easy to second-guess them now. My distant ancestors are Vikings (prior to the gray hair, I had the traditional blond-haired, blue-eyed Viking look), with the more recent ones coming across from England as British Colonial govenors.

I am proud to be a Viking, in spite of our historical (if not hysterical) pillaging ways.


1. Loaded Monkeys - January 24, 2007

Good for you Tim.

I’m not ashamed that my ancestors ate the brains of their conquered enemies in order to recieve all of their power and prestige.

2. Tim - January 24, 2007

Keep in mind, I don’t debate the stupidity of their actions. I won’t, however, be held responsible for those actions because of genetics. – Tim

3. Loaded Monkeys - January 25, 2007

Absolutely Tim I meant it in exactly the same way. 🙂

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