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I skipped sixth grade, going from Elementary School to High School (we didn’t have Middle School then) without the benefit of Jethro Bodine’s “sixth grade education.” I seem to have survived, and have no doubt that it made me who I am today. Even so, I wouldn’t wish that transition on my worst enemy. Well, on second thought…

After high school, I entered college, where I promptly failed out of my first semester, largely from spending too much time at the Baptist Campus Center learning how to lose a game of ping pong gracefully to a handful of Chinese engineering students. After that, my father told me that he had paid the last college tuition of mine that he was going to pay, so I went to work.

Working full-time and going to school part-time, I finished a two-year Electrical Engineering Tech degree in three years. I got better at ping pong, but spent too much time at work and in class to overcome my ridiculous lack of skill at the game.

In Elementary School, I was extroverted. In High School, I was introverted. In College, I was more extroverted than ever. Reinventing myself seems to be a recurring theme in my life.


1. Denice - August 4, 2008

Well, I can see you have Christian foundation, you are obviously man ahead of your time, hence you skipped sixth, seventh and eighth grade. Your education exceeds you, because you even placed spell check in the comments section, which “I love”. I certainly identify with the working full time and going to school. achieved by BS the same way and now trying for the Masters in Criminology. However, I was touched the most by the extroverted/introvert paragraph. I am a extrovert, or at least considered myself so, until recently, now at ripe age of forty-something, I find myself more of a introvert. A safe place, especially in my field, “White Collar” crime.

One other comment: Love, love your poetry especially the “Crying Place” and “Seasons” You have multiple talents, therefore, your web page has been “Bookmarked.” Keep up the good works……..


2. Tim - August 4, 2008

I should clarify. I only skipped the sixth grade. When I was in High School, it went from 7th-12th.

I tend to be kind of anal about spell checking, as bad spelling can get people’s attention in a rather negative way. Correct spelling just disappears, and people can focus on my bad grammar. 😀

Thanks for all the kind words, and I’ll do my best to stay out of your sights, and within the boundaries of the law. – Tim

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