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I grew up in a Southern Baptist church, and love my spiritual ancestry. I wish my Baptist brothers and sisters would spend more time listening to the Holy Spirit, and less time telling others what the Holy Spirit is saying. I will fight for the autonomy of the local church, the truth of Biblical content (but not to the point of literal inerrancy) and the Priesthood of the Believer ™ with everything that is in me.


1. Grace, T - August 10, 2006


2. rogueminister - May 18, 2007

I really enjoy the things you are writing. I think it is great to hear others that have grown up in evangelical traditions that appreciate their heritage and the great things that have come from the “great cloud of witnesses” that have come before us, while still being able to see the need for the church to constantly be refreshed by returning to Jesus and reinvisioning what his life and teachings mean for here and now. Thanks!

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