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Top 5 Little Known Things About Me

  1. I can go for weeks with less than 4 hours of nightly sleep
  2. I have about 20 Country tunes on my iPod
  3. In spite of how much I talk, about half of what I think, I would never utter aloud
  4. Nothing focuses me like a solid deadline
  5. I am terrified of not knowing what’s going on in my areas of interest


1. carla02126 - August 11, 2006

It say be the first, the first for WHAT??

2. carla02126 - August 11, 2006

Is there ANYONE out there?? come in10-4

3. Tim - August 11, 2006

I guess be the first to know these little things about me 🙂

4. rskirk55 - January 7, 2008

Country tunes? Now that, I didn’t know and I have been in the family almost 30 years. I can believe you censor your public utterances. I have heard you say some wild things. What is not said must be SCARY!

5. Tim - January 8, 2008

Uhm… well… I… uhm… yes. I have some country tunes on my iPod. 😀

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