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I have, since 1977, worked in a variety of occupations (in order): newspaper boy, car-stereo/CB radio installer, electronics technician, theater stagehand/carpenter, telegram singer, electronics manufacturing dept. manager, oldies nightclub DJ, hi-fi/electronics salesman, technical writer, electronics sales engineer, software developer/programmer, book/newsletter author/editor-in-chief, software architect/programmer, custom software project manager, and technical services manager.

However, I now work for myself. Since 2009, I have been primarily working as a consultant in IT services (itgooch.com).

Update: Oct 1st, 2011, I am refocusing my consulting toward audio and video production (foolsandfilm.com).

Update: Jan 9th, 2016, my work is now split three ways. I continue to provide IT Consulting Services as “iTGooch Consulting,” but am also doing Audio/Video Production as “iTGooch Productions” and acting/voiceover as “Tim Gooch” (creative, I know). I’ve deprecated the “Fools & Film Productions” moniker.

The longest I have ever stayed in one job is 7 years. The shortest is 5 months. Excluding those two, I have averaged 2-3 years. Changing jobs is a great way to reinvent yourself.


1. mac - August 6, 2006

30+ jobs in 15 years with the shortest (several) at 1 day and longest at 4.5 years (current); tosing the hi and lo, the average is well under a year. For me,hanging jobs is a way of keeping ypur tax return interesting.

2. Grace, T - August 10, 2006

Right On!

3. Sherri Cornelius - April 14, 2008

Your job list is as eclectic as mine.

Thanks for visiting my blog earlier. Keep on truckin’. 🙂

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