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Dumbed Down Sports: The Poor Player Subsidy September 21, 2006

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This afternoon, a friend and I were talking about “Fall Ball” in a local recreation league. She was complaining that an obscure rule (no infield plays made by outfielders) made this league very frustrating for her son, who plays in several other leagues. Due to scheduling issues (she’s a single parent), it’s not practical for him to participate in the more competitive leagues.


This reminded me of when my sons played YMCA Basketball (where the players were required to stand on “X” markers placed on the floor), and other youth leagues where the already confusing rules of adult game become even more complex when the adults try to “help” younger players learn the game by coming up with countless variations of the rules. (more…)

A Solution to Baseball’s Falling Stocks and Bonds March 18, 2006

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Last week’s Sports Illustrated contains excerpts from a new book called “Game of Shadows,” due to be released on March 27th. The excerpts are titled “The Truth About Barry Bonds and Steroids.”

Rumors and inuendo surrounding baseball and steroid use have circulated for years, and by now, probably the only people who don’t publicly discuss steroid use as “widespread” and “obvious” are Bud Selig and the current management and staff of most major league baseball teams. The book (and excerpted article) should be the nails in the coffin, and finally put the questions to rest. The evidence is detailed and comprehensive.