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Ford GT… Oooooh Baby! August 2, 2006

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On Sunday, my youngest son and I went out shopping prior to him being in football camp this week. Pulling into the parking lot, he elbowed me and said “Dad, look!”

ford_gt_front (more…)

World’s Fastest Snowplow? August 2, 2006

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This is a sign that you are expecting a lot of snow:


No, they didn’t really do this, but this is how it caught my eye, and I nearly doubled over in laughter at the possibility.

The Social Effects of Going Topless July 19, 2006

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No, I didn’t suddenly begin flaunting my ghostly white skin and tormenting the locals without polarized sunglasses. “Topless,” in this regard, means driving around with the top down in a convertible.


In a convertible, I’m out in the open, exposed to the world as I drive along. Is this a good thing? (more…)

Great Moments in Parenting June 15, 2006

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My wife and younger son are out of town (football camp), so last night, the older son and I were on our own. After tossing a football around in the back yard for about 45 minutes, we decided to go to a movie.


63 Degrees? In March? March 1, 2006

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Regardless of how bad I was feeling this morning (for a variety of reasons), going to lunch has recharged my system. The top went down, the tach went up, and my spirits went through the (non-existent) roof.
What, me worry?