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Who Would You Call? December 30, 2007

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Besides Ghostbusters.

Here’s the scenario:

You’re stranded on a busy expressway late at night, your family in the car with you. The outside temperature is in the low 20’s. You’re in an old car, long since paid for, but sadly, not covered by towing insurance. In fact, it’s not clear how far you might be to a towing service, or how far it might be for them to tow you to civilization, much less your home.

You get out your cell phone and try to decide who to call at such a late hour. You look through your phone’s contact list. Name after name scrolls by. Who would you call if you need to be rescued in such a situation?

tow truck

I am asking this hypothetically, but I’m curious about the real answer for any of us. Who do we call, and why do we call them instead of someone else?

Drive Time 2 September 9, 2007

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Who shows us the “hidden secrets” of life?

The Curious Incident of the Turkeys (and Cars) in the Daytime April 25, 2007

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Since my older sister let the cat (or turkey) out of the bag, I suppose I should go on the record with my official version of “The Turkey Incident.” Technically, this might qualify as a Stupid Human Trick, but for now, I’ll leave it here.


(No, I have no idea why the turkey in the picture is wearing a monocle, and looks a bit like Colonel Klink.)

I swear that the following is true, to the best of my recollection. As Mr. Carlson (from WKRP in Cincinnati) once said, “With God as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly.” (more…)

Spring… When a Young Man’s Thoughts Turn To… April 10, 2007

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…wait. How the heck should I know? I’m no “young man!”

What I do know is that today was a fabulous day to own a convertible, find a winding road, and let nature (and the steering wheel) take its course. Your mileage may vary.


P.S. Please excuse the tie (I was on my way back to the office from a funeral) and the long hair. I promise to get it cut soon. 😉

The Brevity of Life, and Communicating Value December 23, 2005

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Last Sunday evening, my oldest son was in a car wreck. Just moments before, he had called me to ask about something else, and when the phone rang again, I was frustrated from having trekked back to the other side of the house already.

“Dad, we’ve been in a car wreck.”

The fact that he was speaking, and that there weren’t people screaming in the background were both good signs. His tone was even and calm, but this doesn’t mean anything. My oldest is the epitome of calm, and somehow can keep things together when he’s surrounded by disaster. Fortunately, the first words out of my mouth (if I remember correctly) were the right ones:

“Is anyone hurt?” (more…)