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Back to School: Year 2 August 20, 2007

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Once again, we’ve taken our oldest son back to college, moved him in, and said our “goodbyes.” Though I would have presumed that sending him off to school would be easier this year, it wasn’t.


What made it harder? The myriad of ways we spent time together this Summer. (more…)

Happy Mother’s Day! May 16, 2007

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I apologize for posting this a bit late, but it’s a story that needs to be told. On a holiday like Mother’s Day, some women get cards or flowers. Others get beautiful gifts.


At my house? At my house, you get the gift that keeps on giving: embarrassment. (more…)

Crashing Waves and Warm Banana Bread December 28, 2006

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On the road to Hana, my family stopped at a little stand selling banana bread near Kaenae Peninsula. Below is the view from the shore, across the street from the stand.

waves at Kaenae

Sorry for the camera shake. I was munching warm banana bread with the other hand. 😀

Breakfast Epiphanies December 2, 2006

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This week, I fixed breakfast and ate it with my youngest son four of the five days. (On Monday, he overslept a bit, so I handed him an omlet-wrap on his way out the door.) I noticed something strange on those four mornings.

We talked.


Now, that may not seem like such a big deal, but when your son is about to turn 16, any conversation at all is memorable. In this case, they weren’t just memorable–they were good. (more…)

Misreading the News: Rice Negotiations? October 7, 2006

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Two news stories were side-by-side this morning in my RSS inbox. The first looked at the looming nuclear crisis with Iran: (more…)