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Arrrr! Ye Know What Day it Be? September 19, 2007

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That be the truth, Matey. Once again, it be International Talk Like a Pirate Day.



Heredity & Humor September 13, 2007

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Sunday night, my family is watching the NFL game between the Dallas Cowboys and the New York Giants. One of the Giants’ receivers, Amani Toomer, went out for a pass, which fell incomplete.

My youngest son sat upright on the couch as if he’d been shocked by electricity. Without warning, he shouted out (in a perfect Schwarzenegger voice), “It’s not a Toomer!”*

I nearly fell out of my chair laughing.

* My son was parodying this scene from “Kindergarten Cop”:

Big Time-Spender or Big-Time Spender? August 23, 2007

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One of the notable songs from Billy Joel’s “Streetlife Serenade” album from 1974 was a song called “The Last of the Big Time Spenders.” The chorus includes the following line:

…I’m the last of the big time spenders
And I’ve been spendin’ time on you,

An eternal truth that’s too easy to forget is that money is distributed unevenly, but time is doled out in equal amounts. None of us get more than 60 minutes in an hour, 24 hours in a day, or 365 days in a year.


Recently, a very good friend remembered my love of “Hook,” the Robin Williams & Dustin Hoffman version of the Peter Pan story, and bought the DVD for me for my birthday. The most significant reason I love this movie? It’s a constant reminder to spend time with my sons, and more important, how I should spend that time. (more…)

Happy Mother’s Day! May 16, 2007

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I apologize for posting this a bit late, but it’s a story that needs to be told. On a holiday like Mother’s Day, some women get cards or flowers. Others get beautiful gifts.


At my house? At my house, you get the gift that keeps on giving: embarrassment. (more…)

Spring… When a Young Man’s Thoughts Turn To… April 10, 2007

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…wait. How the heck should I know? I’m no “young man!”

What I do know is that today was a fabulous day to own a convertible, find a winding road, and let nature (and the steering wheel) take its course. Your mileage may vary.


P.S. Please excuse the tie (I was on my way back to the office from a funeral) and the long hair. I promise to get it cut soon. 😉