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Questions of Faith August 15, 2006

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I have a few questions


  • Why is it that so many of us who are Christians… (more…)

Silly Adult, Cartoons Aren’t Just for Kids! August 8, 2006

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Those who think of “adult cartoons” as Anime, pornographic cartoons, and so on, have no clue what they’re missing. In the early 90’s, Steven Spielberg produced several cartoons that took chidren’s programming into some fairly zany areas. My favorite was “Pinky and The Brain.”


Any number of people have posted raves about this cartoon, which was ostensibly for kids, so I won’t add more verbiage than is absolutely necessary. In my opinion, this cartoon, possibly even more than the old Bugs Bunny cartoons, wrote at multiple levels.

For example, where else would you find a scene in which stealing a submarine would be hindered by the steering wheel having “The Club” on it, but it’s referred to as “the Sub Club”? In that same episode, the right-hand-turns-only route describes a Nautilus shape, which The Brain correctly identifies as being representative of “the Golden Mean.” In this episode alone (titled “Das Mouse,” a clear reference to the movie “Das Boot”), there are pages of movie spoofs, accurate science lingo, and pop culture references.

If you were unlucky enough to miss “Pinky and The Brain” when it originally aired, you can pick up the DVD and enjoy those laughs all over. However, this is one DVD that the kids may swipe, so keep it under lock and key.

The Perks of Being Last June 1, 2006

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As my oldest son prepares for college, my youngest son is anticipating becoming an only child for a few years. As I pondered this, an odd truth occurred to me.
last place
The oldest child gets to be an only child at the beginning of his/her life. The youngest gets to be an only child near the end of their childhood. (more…)

How to Buy Books (And Not by their Cover) April 4, 2006

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As a tech-oriented person and avid book owner, I have been constantly faced with the dilemma of how to choose between a myriad of selections at the local bookstore, or when shopping at Amazon or Barnes & Noble online. After reading about Donald Knuth’s methodology for grading comp-sci projects (solving long and complex programming problems), I modified my approach, and have been using the following method for the past few years. (more…)

Theater of My Mind January 27, 2006

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Today, I saw an article from the Association of Psychological Science about memorizing lines for theatrical performances. Since this is an ability that many of my friends have commented on, I think I have a relevant opinion on the matter.

I think they’re out to lunch. Educators tell us that all people, not just actors, learn in one of three ways. My experience is that successful actors use all three (some more than others perhaps, but all three).