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Why “The Dark Knight” Disappointed Me July 31, 2008

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All across America, people are going to see “The Dark Knight,” again and again. The reviews seem to be conclusive from every corner that Heath Ledger is destined to win an Academy Award for his performance as “The Joker” in the latest tribute to the superhero known as “Batman.”

Tonight, I became (apparently) one of the last people in the US to view this movie for the first time, and as the title of this post suggests, I came away disappointed. I’ll attempt to explain why in the remainder of this post, but will warn you that it will probably contain spoilers sprinkled all over the place, so if you have just awakened from a Rip VanWinkle-like slumber and haven’t yet seen it, you’ll probably want to stop right here. (more…)

News Synergy: What Does Dame Edna Earn? May 4, 2006

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Apparently, Barry Humphries (better known as Australian housewife Dame Edna to you and me), punched out photographer Malcolm Ladd who had followed him into an exclusive nightclub. Rumor has it that Humphries was actually upset over discovering that his US royalties had been calculated as a “stay-at-home dame,” and therefore he has been (proportionally speaking) as underpaid as other stay-at-home moms in the US.

Phlegm at 11.

Cruisin’ for Abusin’ or a Real “Mission Impossible” for Tom Cruise? March 21, 2006

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I admit, I have never been much of a fan of South Park, the animated series on Comedy Central. The show is well-known for disrespecting just about anything that is respected.

Recently, the show made headlines when one of the celebrity voice-talents, Isaac Hayes (famous for singing “Shaft” back in the 70’s), quit the show in protest of its “intolerance of religions.” Given the show’s willingness to poke fun at Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddism, and so on, it should have been no surprise that Scientology (questionable as a religion) would be a target for some potshots. Regardless, Hayes decided he’d had enough, and took his highly-in-demand (cough, cough) voice talents elsewhere. “Chef” (his character), would have to go.

Things took an interesting turn when Comedy Central (owned by Viacom) suddenly altered its plans to air several shows that made more fun of Scientology, and (among other things) the sexuality of Tom Cruise, one of the more famous/infamous Scientologists. BoingBoing has gone so far as to suggest that Mr. Cruise threatened to not help promote “Mission Impossible 3” (also produced by Viacom) unless Comedy Central changed their programming plans and the show’s creator’s agreed to not discuss the issue or reasoning behind the change.