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iPhone vs PPC-6700 January 10, 2007

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Yes, I know the iPhone is six months away from shipping. Even so, Steve Jobs’ keynote address at Macworld yesterday has already shaken up the phone industry (the three largest manufacturers of “smart phones” all saw stock drops of 2-8% yesterday, while Apple went up 8%).

iPhone vs ppc-6700

Until June, few outside of Apple, Cingular, and the FCC will have any “real world” experience with the iPhone, but in watching the presentation yesterday, I noted several ways that this product addresses serious shortcomings in the PPC-6700, my current phone. Since much of the “so what… big deal” talk that’s coming out in response to the iPhone surrounds some of the touch-screen features, and since many of the “oohhhh… ahhhh” features of the iPhone were prime selling points for the PPC-6700, it seems reasonable to compare these two devices directly, far more than any other “smart phone” that I’ve seen on the market.

Lastly, since the price-points are very close ($499-599), the iPhone is clearly aiming at the same market. Instead of posting in the usual way, where I’ll work on an article for several days (a few minutes at a time, I’m writing and editing this as I go. I’ll break this apart using the feature sets that Jobs used yesterday during the keynote, and then close out with what I feel truly sets the iPhone apart. (more…)

Music to Blog By September 28, 2006

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I know some types of music really spur my creativity. Other types just… spur. (more…)

That Idiot Steve Jobs… June 13, 2006

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At the time of the intro of iTMS/iTunes/iPod, Steve Jobs apparently felt that the only way to get backing of the major record labels would be to support some kind of DRM. What an idiot! Those of us with far higher intelligence have seen the light, and are now doing something about it!

DBD Image

Who is Keith’s Keeper? May 2, 2006

Posted by TimTheFoolMan in Humor, Music, Stupidity.
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In Genesis, Cain responds to the question of Abel’s whereabouts by asking God, “Am I my brother’s keeper?” Today, I read a news report of Keith Richards being released from a New Zealand hospital. He reportedly suffered a mild concussion after falling out of a palm tree.

Now, you have to wonder, who’s watching him? My 84 year-old father-in-law is currently in a nursing home, and is closely supervised in all of his activities. I’m not suggesting that Keith is ready for a nursing home (though I suspect that a “Geritol Julep” is one of the more popular drinks at Stones’ concerts), but why can’t the ‘Stones pay someone to keep an eye on Keith while he’s on vacation?

At present, I don’t think my father-in-law is available to fill in for Keith on guitar.

Are You Ready for Harrassment? March 22, 2006

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Allegations have been brought against Hank Williams Jr., suggesting that he didn’t need to have his “rowdy friends comin’ over tonight.” If the reports are true, it appears Hank Williams Jr. (that emblem of higher education and paragon high-level reasoning) is capable of enough rowdiness, all by himself.

Does this mean that Monday Night Football will replace the spectacular hits (and the accompanying “hit it… just hit it” lyrics from the song) in various NFL contests with Hank “tipping waitresses?” I think I’d rather see a gang of waitresses go cow tipping, with this cow as their target.

Hopefully, Williams’ daughters will recover from the injuries they recently sustained in a car wreck, and he can once again focus his attention on bringing some much needed “Norman Einstein” entertainment into the homes of NFL fans. In the meantime, here’s a better model for someone like Mr. Williams to use in tipping his waitress.