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“NFL” Means “Not For Large” Screens (in Church) February 4, 2007

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In what appears to be the second major PR faux pas of the 2006-2007 season, the National Football League has (for all intents and purposes) said that viewing their games in a bar is acceptable, but watching in a church is not. Now, to be fair, Fall Creek Church in Indianapolis was being pretty stupid. They were charging admission to come to the church to watch the Super Bowl at their “Super Bowl Bash.”

nfl_logo vs church (more…)

Dear Deer… October 7, 2006

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Another news item (that, or I just don’t want to get started cleaning the kitchen): (more…)

Misreading the News: Rice Negotiations? October 7, 2006

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Two news stories were side-by-side this morning in my RSS inbox. The first looked at the looming nuclear crisis with Iran: (more…)

More Stealth from Iran April 5, 2006

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Following the announcements of the stealth missle, the stealth torpedo, and the stealth flying boat, Iranian officials today announced more “stealth developments.” (more…)

Are You Ready for Harrassment? March 22, 2006

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Allegations have been brought against Hank Williams Jr., suggesting that he didn’t need to have his “rowdy friends comin’ over tonight.” If the reports are true, it appears Hank Williams Jr. (that emblem of higher education and paragon high-level reasoning) is capable of enough rowdiness, all by himself.

Does this mean that Monday Night Football will replace the spectacular hits (and the accompanying “hit it… just hit it” lyrics from the song) in various NFL contests with Hank “tipping waitresses?” I think I’d rather see a gang of waitresses go cow tipping, with this cow as their target.

Hopefully, Williams’ daughters will recover from the injuries they recently sustained in a car wreck, and he can once again focus his attention on bringing some much needed “Norman Einstein” entertainment into the homes of NFL fans. In the meantime, here’s a better model for someone like Mr. Williams to use in tipping his waitress.