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More on Monoculture February 18, 2006

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Since posting a discussion about the inherent dangers of monoculture in the areas of faith, I’ve had several interesting discussions (online and off) about possible flaws in the original premise: that the “Microsoft monoculture” poses an inherent threat to computer systems, and therefore our information infrastructure. Dan Geer posed this argument at the Usenix 2004 conference.

As quoted by SearchSecurity.com, Geer’s argument was countered by Microsoft Strategist Scott Charney, who posed an analogy of Southwest Airlines, which relies on Boeing 737 airplanes exclusively. Charney argued that there are benefits to a monoculture, in terms of deployment costs and procedures, that make up for any possible risks due to common weaknesses.

Charney’s point is valid, but in the same way that he accused Geer of misapplying the agricultural analogy of how the American South’s cotton economy was devistated by the boll weevil or how the Irish potato farmers reliance on a single crop put their nation at risk. I would like to counter that Charney’s 737 analogy is similarly flawed, and furthermore that a monoculture of political ideology has some of the same risks as the monoculture of theology I described earlier.

Ladies First, or First Ladies? February 15, 2006

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I’m not sure what’s more ironic: Laura Bush suggesting that Hillary Clinton should show some empathy for the White House occupants (where was the current First Lady when President Clinton got caught with his pants down?), or Hillary suggesting that she’s not angry (Saddam has been doing a better job of controlling his temper lately than Senator Clinton).

Didn’t they get the “love message” sent by Bush Sr. and Clinton while they were (insert exclamation of mock shock and horror here) more focused on accomplishing a task than partisan politics?

Fortunately, the Thong Doesn’t Remain the Same February 14, 2006

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According to SFGATE.com, a Bay Area group is going “cold turkey” on traditional capitalism and refusing to “buy new.” (They make exceptions for food, health & safety items, and underwear.) According to the article:

About 50 teachers, engineers, executives and other professionals in the Bay Area have made a vow to not buy anything new in 2006…

“We’re people for whom recycling is no longer enough,” said one of the members of the fledgling movement, John Perry, who works in marketing at a high-tech company. “We’re trying to get off the first-market consumerism grid, because consumer culture is destroying the world.”

This begs the question: What’s their stance on virginity?