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Thank You Rush Limbaugh & Al Franken January 14, 2007

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This past week, in a public middle school in a the Midwestern United States, two young men sat next to each other. They were African-American and an Asian, but other than the nature of their remarks, they could have been of any race or gender. They had a conversation that went like this:

“Why don’t you go make me some shoes, or maybe an X-Box?”

“Why don’t you go pick some cotton?”


These young men are in the 7th grade, in a school system that has been racially integrated (via system-wide busing) since 1975. Sadly, this kind of exchange is not that unusual. (more…)

Exposed, Disposed, Deposed, Despots December 31, 2006

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Recently, Tiffany blogged about the hanging of Saddam Hussein, the culpability of the United States (and specifically, President Bush) for “war crimes.” While I am no fan of our current foreign policy (or lack thereof), and struggle greatly with the actions of my country in Iraq, I’ve been more inclined to look at the developing situation and ask “What do we do now?”


The hanging of Saddam brings new questions and new concerns, and clearly will not magically bring an end to violence in Iraq. What it does do, is bring closure to the reign of a tyrant. (more…)

Questions of Faith August 15, 2006

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I have a few questions


  • Why is it that so many of us who are Christians… (more…)

Able to Keep a Stable Label? (Part 1: Questions) July 18, 2006

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Lately, I’ve been asking myself an odd question: What defines who I am? In other words, what single label best applies? Am I a Baptist? A Coach? A Republican? A Liberal? A Christian? A Father? A gun-toting, Bambi-shootin’, baby-spankin’, football-coachin’, church-goin’, pun-lovin’ fool?


Depending on who you ask, I might be any one of these (or something much less pleasant). Why is it that we have such a strong tendency to put labels on people, and why does this seem to be more of an issue in our current society than in years past? Does the label used to identify me also define me?

Is Rush Getting Shafted? June 27, 2006

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According to Yahoo News, Rush Limbaugh has recently been detained at an airport for trying to transport prescription medications without a valid prescription. The prescription in question was Viagra.
Rush on Newsweek (more…)